Translation Rates


Translation Service Cost per word:
Translation £0.14p
Translation with AVT mode independent proof reading £0.20p
Extra costs for transcreation or script adaptation £0.04p

The above rates apply for the majority of popular languages including French, Italian, Spanish, Chinese, Arabic, Russian, and Portuguese.  For other languages please fill in the contact form below to ask our sales team for costs as some languages have a supplement of up to 25%.

Translations are undertaken by qualified AVT translators who have expertise in the Audio Visual (Film +TV) sector.

Minimum  translation fees are £100.00 per project. We strongly advise that all translations are proof read by an independent AVT linguist and changes at the proof reading stage are reconciled with the original translator prior to a client review cycle.

Proof reading is an important aspect of the QA workflow for Translator.Café, as the majority of our clients’ output is put into the public domain and needs to be ‘Right First Time’.

We also provide an in-country script sense testing where required, and an in-context visual review service for video editors and producers who are not familiar with the target languages.  This can be very useful QA process prior to locking down of video masters for Arabic, Chinese and picture languages where timing is critical in the timeline and where no Latin based  scripts are available as a reference. This service is normally conducted by our translators who are familiar with the content.

For more information on how we can support your translation needs, please fill in the contact form below on your project requirements so we can provide a free quote on our services.